Women in Music Featured Artist: Beyonce


Beyonce made a pivotal mark in music last year when she famously dropped a surprise album along with a catalog of videos. While the industry is still trying to catch up, we often highlight Beyonce for her music, fashion, activism, stage presence and her likeliness to break records. 2016 was no different when the singer once again took music to the next level with her HBO Lemonade special. It included poetry, visuals and songs that would later appear on her album. Bey’s efforts got her another #1 album and she was praised for her hard work.

Earlier in the year during her epic Superbowl 50 Halftime performance she paid homage to the Black Panther Party and black people as a whole with songs like Formation. She also embarked on a world tour that grossed over $250 million. We can only imagine what the powerhouse called Beyonce will do next to surprise the world in 2017.

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