5 Summer Hair Trends!

As the heartbeat of summer slowly powers your soul, mind and body, Her Look is here first to get you ready for the fun in the sun, while bringing you the hottest styles & hair trends. A woman’s choice of hairstyles operates as the omega for her daily #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) and for this up coming season. Here’s 5 styles to set your summer off!

1.) Bigger is Better, sets the tone for just a small portion of what you can expect to see from hair trends this summer. If you haven’t heard, women are getting in formation and going big as directed by the Beyonce, the Queen Bey herself. One of 2016’s hottest summer hair trends will be women wearing their natural curls, coils, long, short, frizzy or defined BIG hair. This will definitely be one of this summer’s must have Hairdos to rock!

2.) Don’t like big hair? Well it won’t only be big hair that will have summertime fever. For you ladies who enjoy a more subdue hairstyles, only shoulder length or above, keep your eyes lit for the timeless Retro Box Braid Bob, that will be this summer’s highlighting all hairstyle trends. It is also perfect to soak up the sun while on vacation.

3.) One style that has been making its way on the social scene is the simple Pigtail French braids. While the Kardashians sisters are credited for making this style popular and mainstream, African American women has been rocking this style for decades. Either way, go ahead and throw your hair into these cute braids guaranteed to turn heads.

4.) Perhaps, Beyonce’s Drunk in Love hairstyle started this trend. But we love it and we are sure you will too! The messy bob is typically worn short. But this style just works, it doesn’t seem to have any requirements, it is truly unlimited. It is a fresh new way to wear waves and curls. And we’re definitely feeling wavy!

5.) Feeling like keeping it simple? Well the long hair, don’t care is a style that is here to stay! You can still enjoy a long style that allows versatility. You can curl it, wand it, bone straightened or just let it flow. Either way this is a style that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Summer is the season filled with freedom of expression and you will thrive at allowing essentials such creative hairstyles to serve as the main art of expressing your personal style. HerHipHop would like to encourage all women to step into that freedom and let loose with your Hair!

Written By: Ashley M.






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