Her Music Room Weekly Feature: Amethyst Franklin

This week’s Her Music Room feature hails from a beautiful spirit who is in touch with her third eye. Amethyst Franklin is a soulful songbird who was previously on tour with Flo Rida, before moving to LA to make a name for herself. She shared her story with us to give insight on her journey to success.

Her Hip Hop: You seem to be such a light of life. What is your story and how did you get to the point that you are now?
Amethyst Franklin: My birth name is Amethyst Franklin Chalice. I have been doing music since the day I was born. I was born in Aspen, Colorado. My mother and father were not married and separated before my birth. My mother took me on a journey with her through her own spiritual journey. As a child from 0-3 we lived in a VW bug and camped in camp grounds in Colorado. Until my mother introduced to the Hare Krsnas which is a western form of Hinduism. We traveled to Florida, Tennessee, Atlanta, Mississippi, North Carolina, Alabama, California, Texas, and West Virginia. One day my mother decided it would be best for my education and her spiritual development to move to India and study. So on my 6th birthday we moved to India.
Her Hip Hop: What is your earliest memory of wanting to do music?
Amethyst Franklin: I had never heard any type of music that was not Hindu or spiritual until we where on the airplane to India and I plugged my headphones in. That’s when I heard Jennifer Lopez Waiting for Tonight come out of the headphones. I turned to my mother and said I want to be her one day!
Her Hip Hop: What was your first taste of the music industry?
Amethyst Franklin: Well later in life I ran into the Bob Marley’s sons and they brought me to Miami to do music. I realized Los Angeles is where I needed to be so I moved their in search of a team to help me create magic. I came to LA and started my search one thing led to another and I found great people to work with. During my 6 month tour with Flo Rida, I had a deal on the table that I chose not to take. I am currently independent.

Her Hip Hop: That it quite a story. How would you describe your sound?

Amethyst Franklin: My music is influenced from sounds around the world. So I would say I have a world sound. I love drums to dance to as dance is a huge part of my Life. Any music I make and perform you will most definitely see my dancing. I am currently working on my EP and will have visuals along with music coming soon. I have music out now on Soundcloud that I would love for you all to check out and share if you like. I write a lot of my own work as well as collaborate with others.


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