Breakups: 3 Reasons Why Friends Need To Mind Their Own Business

We have all heard the saying “Breakup to Make Up” right? Relationships are literally a rollercoaster at times. We all have broken up with someone just to have a change of heart the following week. Even swearing off an Ex for good sometimes is taken back after a night of drinking. Your friends may get tired of hearing about the situation and frankly are over the constant back and forth and promises that you are over your Ex. However, with that said, friends are safer if they mind their own business and do not get involved and we are here to give you 3 reasons why.

1. You Don’t Know the Full Story:

During a breakup emotions are high. Our friends often times will tell us what they want us to know. And sometimes that may mean making themselves look good and the other person look bad. But remember you were not their when the fight, argument or disagreement happened. So getting involved can make you look silly when the couple reconciles.

2. Breakup To Make Up:

Okay you know that one friend who swears off an Ex after a breakup and two seconds later they miss them like crazy? Well that is what some people do in relationships. They are mad one moment and the next they are ready to go on with their life with the person they love. And while it maybe annoying, as a friend it is your job to just listen and be their shoulder to cry on. So if you have had all these opinions and went out of your way to start drama with your friend’s lover, you might find yourself out in the cold when they decide to work it out.

3. They Are Dating The Person Not You:

Although you can give opinions on the relationship, you will never actually know what it is like to be dating that person. After all, there is something that is attracting your friend to their boyfriend or girlfriend. They clearly make them happy. Overly providing opinions both negative and positive are never good, especially if most of the time it is negative advice. Like previously stated, your job is to be a listening ear not a dictator in someone elses relationship.

Ultimately, the best safe zone for friends is out of your other friends relationships. Do not get to vested into something that has nothing to do with you. Of course we love our friends and want to show them our support. But it is best to do this in a way that does not leave you in the middle and mentally drained. We all are old enough to handle the battles of relationships on our own. And if you have a friend that is always up in your biz, it is up to you to stop it and let them know to take a seat and watch from the sidelines.

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