Got Stain? But Also Got Meeting? How to get a stain out right before an important meeting using things at your desk.

It’s happened to me time and time again. I’ll be eating at my desk and my boss will call me into her office or its time for a group meeting. Like many other times before, I’ve spilled something on my dress, and with no time to waste I walk into my meeting with an embarrassing visible stain.

After getting sick of feeling insecure, I looked around my desk for things to help me out during my time of desperate need. This is when I spotted three essential things, that would be my “stain’s” best friend and would always be available aka served for multi-purposes.

  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Tissue
  • Tape

Strange but true, and it works! I desperately applied some hand sanitizer to my stain, used some elbow grease to rub it in with a tissue, and used the tape to get rid of any tissue residue. And wa-la my stain had despaired like a theft in the night!

I haven’t had that problem since. And my boss and co-workers have never seen another stain or evidence that I’m secretly chopping down at my desk again!


Best when used on dark clothing

(If no Hand sanitizer is available, use water from a water bottle)


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