Her Interview: The Real Co-Host and Comedian Loni Love

Loni Love

Loni Love has maintained a successful career in acting, comedy and in media. She is 1/4 of the hit daytime talk show, The Real. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Love about her thoughts on The Real being in its 3rd season, the guest hosts that have joined the show and what she has cooking next. Read below, you might learn something!

Loni LoveHer Hip Hop (Her):  You are in your 3rd season of The Real. Did you ever think it would be what it is today, so popular, so profound?

Loni Love (LL): No, I never would have thought that when I first was approached about The Real, that it would be a talk show where we are able to get the type of people to come on the show. I mean, we just had Gabrielle Union come on and we had Anthony Anderson. I am very proud of where the show is going because we need an outlet of diverse voices and for people of color and that is the purpose of The Real.

Her: Absolutely. So you guys are having different guest host come on the show. How has that experience been, having a different dynamic in your group?

LL: It is great because you get to see different sides of people. I mean to have Joseline Hernandez come on and have a whole different side of her than what you see on her show. That is the reason why we do this. Where else on daytime television would you have Joseline [from Love & Hip Hop]. There is a seat at the table for everybody.

We had Remy Ma talk about her pregnancy that didn’t go to full term. We had Eve, and now we have Men We Love Week. Where we have funny men [that are] going to come on and be apart of our show. We had Angela Rye and Killa Mike. I am very, very proud because the only way people are going to understand people of color is by  spending time with them. The Real is allowing us to spend time with people of color and other people can see that.

Loni Love

Her: We love that and could not agree more. What other projects are you working on outside of The Real?

LL: Right now I do have a radio show that has been long standing called Café Mocha Radio. I have my comedy tour that I am still performing on weekends, if you go to LoniLove.com you can see it. And I am working on my own late night show, Later On With Loni Love. It is pitch season and that is what we have been doing. It is just trying to get that message out there to help show all of our talent. That is my purpose!

Her: Well, thank you so much. We will definitely keep an eye out for all the things you have in the works and look forward to seeing you 5 days a week on Fox (check your local listings here).

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