Her Review: Future’s Second Album of the Year HNDRXX


HNDRXX is the second project released by Atlanta rapper Future. It knocked his self titled album FUTURE, out the number 1 spot on the Billboard charts and we can see why. First, both body of works are amazing but HNDRXX just does something for us. For starters, most of the songs are hits and can be singles in their own right. The unique part is this album only features two other artists, Rihanna, who is known for having number 1 hit songs and new comer, The Weeknd who has had his fair share of hits himself since coming onto the music scene.


The album starts with My Collection, a song with a slow beat but sets the tone for the whole album. Coming Out Strong featuring The Weeknd is one of our favorites. The song outlines not giving up and no matter what is thrown your way, you can always still win. Lookin Exotic is a more upbeat song on the album, definitely classic Future with a cruising vibe. Incredible is our summer anthem! Although there seems to be some shots at an ex lover from his past, the undertone of the song is finding someone new and feeling good about it.


HNDRXX is the polar opposite of the FUTURE album in terms of tone and subject matter. This is more for the ladies or those that do not like the trap music he came up on. The tracks are much slower with a chill vibe, Hallucinating shows this in its essence. Though the song is about who takes more drugs, him or his girl, it is almost like an R&B song with an interesting subject matter.

HNDRXX shows Future’s ability to be a versatile artist. He has never been one to fit in any box. The release of both albums back to back landed him in the history books, as the first artist ever to have two number one albums in two consecutive weeks.

Photo Credit: Future’s Instagram @future & Album Artwork

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