Her Review: Jhene Aiko’s Album Release Party For ‘Trip’

Jhene Aiko

Last night at Eric Buterbaugh’s beautiful EB Florals Perfumery & Gallery, singer Jhene Aiko held a private listening party for her new album, Trip. Guests were greeted with the smooth sounds of Jhene’s voice and a candid ambiance which added the right setting. It is hard to believe it has been three years since her last solo project, Souled Out. But that has not stopped her from hopping on numerous tracks and releasing her TWENTY88 album with boyfriend and rapper Big Sean.

Jhene Aiko

So finally fans have Trip, an album that explores Jhene as Penny, a nickname affectionately given to her by her great-grandfather when she was a child. Trip takes you through a roller coaster of emotions but in its essence it is a journey. Talking about love per Jhene’s usual style of music, but also expresses falling out of love and finding it again. It is no secret that the singer had a short lived marriage that ended in divorce recently. However, she found love again in Big Sean who she refers to as the, “Love of Her Life”. The most important thing to remember is that they were friends first and that may just be the secret sauce on how their relationship is surpassing industry expectations. The share two tracks on this album “Moments” and “OLLA”.

Moving on, Jhene has also grown since her last album, allowing herself to be more open with her fans this time around. According to Billboard she was fearless about showing her vulnerability. This is undoubtably one of the many reasons why people relate to her in the first place. Her closes sibling in age passed away from cancer in 2012. She talks about trying to find relationships with men that mirrored that of her relationship with her late brother. But then she realized that no one would ever be able to touch that pure connection. Jhene clearly is very much still effected by that loss as she comes from a big family that she is very close with.

Jhene Aiko

She has grown as a mother too. In a track titled, “Sing to Me”, she features her nine year old daughter, Namiko. They have done songs together before like in her 2014 song, “Promises”. “Sing to Me” provides insight into their close budding mother daughter relationship. Jhene herself has been writing since she was her daughters age and knows that it is important to have that connection with Namiko and her family.

So what do you get from the album? Listeners get 1 hour and 25 mins of 22 tracks to vibe out to. Allowing themselves to tap into the world of Penny. You get to hear an artist be completely free with their emotions and how they are feeling. And most of all Jhene Aiko is giving you a ticket into her personal life through her journey of songs. Trip is out now! Listen here.

Check out the short film got Trip below:

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