Jamie Foxx & Jay Pharaoh At Showtime’s White Famous Premiere[VIDEO]

Jamie Foxx at White Famous Premiere

Last night, stars of Showtime’s new series, White Famous gathered for the premiere and screening.  The Jeremy Hotel in West Hollywood hosted the affair and we got the skinny on all things “White Famous” from the cast. This new show starring former SNL actor, Jay Pharaoh will follow his journey to achieving the success beyond his peers. The plot is loosely based off of Executive Producer Jamie Foxx and his own story about how he broke through in comedy which primary favored women at the time he was up and coming. Side note, Jamie notoriously changed his name from Eric Bishop to Jamie Foxx on his quest to gain his “White Famous” status!

We spoke to the cast about the different characters on the show, their definition of what they think, “White Famous” is and who was the funniest on set.

Actress Lyndon Smith had an interesting take of what breakout success is saying,  “My husband is from the Mid-West and the people in the Mid-West have not heard about a lot of the people that like I watch and in my mind you are quote unquote

White Famous when everybody knows your name, you’re like Oprah

Jacob Ming-Trent who plays Ron Balls, a mail man said of his character, “I play Balls, he is what he sounds like he is the nuts of the show, the testicles you know what I’m saying, he keeps it real, he’s the truth, the bottom line”

Meanwhile Australia actress Cleopatra Coleman takes on the role of Sadie who shares a son with Jay’s character. Coleman titled him the funniest on set due to his endless impressions. “Everyday like Dave Chappelle impression like perfect, so funny, it made shooting really fun and easy “

We caught up with mega star Jamie Foxx on the black carpet, who had his own perspective on White Famous. Jay Pharaoh also gushes about his new role as Floyd Mooney. White Famous premieres October 15 on Showtime at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Check it out below:

White Famous Trailer:

Photo & Video Credit: @jaypharoah & Jasmine Alyssa of Her Hip Hop

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