Kanye West Abruptly Cancels Final Show of The Saint Pablo Tour

Kanye West had what would have been his last show out of 6 in Los Angeles for the Saint Pablo Tour. West had performed a total of 6 sold out shows at the Forum. The finale show was set to start at 8 with fans filling the seats to capacity. However, Kanye did not go on until almost two hours later. After several chants from the crowd, the lights were dimmed and everyone turned on the flashlights from their phones upon Mr. West’s request. He was then air lifted from the ground on his now legendary floating stage and opened to The Life of Pablo song, “Beautiful Morning”.

The mash pit below followed the stage around the floor as it floated like Aladdin’s magic carpet. The rapper performed hits from his extensive catalog such as “Jesus Walks”, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and “All Day”. He had points in his performance where the lighting would descend on the crowd below and Kanye would just stand quietly as he was cheered on. Kanye matched his fans with high energy, even showing off his dancing skills during certain songs.


However, things got interesting about an hour or so into the show. West turned off the lights and played the birthday video he had made for his wife, Kim Kardashian. The 5 minute long video showed moments from Kim’s childhood including clips of her deceased father, Robert Kardashian. Immediately after, Kanye was seen in a kneeling position singing “Only One”, the song about his late mother Donna West. Midway through the song, Kanye seemed to struggle to finish, clearly breaking down.

Next thing fans knew, Kanye says that the show is over and demands that the controller of the floating stage let him down. The crowd grew confused, praying that he would continue. However, Kanye then stated again “Turn on all the lights and take the stage back. I’m sorry but the show is over”. He promised the audience refunds and said before leaving the stage for good,

“I’m very sorry, I love you. I promise I’ll do better next time”.

Early reports are saying the cancellation of the show was due to issues with his voice. It was clear that Kanye got upset and emotional during the song about his mom. Hopefully people will get the refunds they were promised. Saint Pablo merchandise started at $40 and up and while fans continued to buy them post show, some merch was seen on the ground potentially left by angry fans. We are wishing Kanye a speedy return to the stage. He seems to be dealing with a lot of pressure, last month Kim Kardashian was held at gun point in Paris and robbed. She reportedly is still very shaken up by the incident and this could be weighing heavily on the Wests family.

See Kanye’s Apology Below as He Cancels the Final Los Angeles Show:

Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram

Video Credit: Jasmine A. of Her Hip Hop All Rights Reserved.

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