UPDATE: Kim Kardashian Reportedly Robbed at Gun Point in Paris!

While Kanye West made a stop in New York City and while performing he abruptly ended his set due to a family emergency. From there rumors started to circulate on what could have been the cause. Well, West is more than likely on the first train smoking to Paris after learning that his wife, Keeping Up With the Kardashian Reality Star, Kim Kardashian had just been robbed at gun point in France. This is the last place that one would think this would happen. But as it may be, celebrities from all over are flooding the scene to attend this year’s Paris Fashion Week. Kim who more than likely is there for publicity to show support to her model sister Kendall Jenner is no different.

Details are scarce on what could have happened but someone is definitely losing their job due to the mistake. Word is, two to three gunmen impersonating police officers robbed the mother of two. No word on if  she was alone or if North and Saint were present at the time. However, we do know that her mother Kris Jenner and Kendall are both currently in Paris. It is also known that jewelry, worth possible millions were taken during the attack.


In true Kardashian fashion, surely we will have all the details in the coming days. Kim so far is heard to be unharmed and in all seriousness thank God. No matter how you may feel about her, nobody deserves to have this happen to them. Traumatic is an understatement and we are sure the security in her camp will get beefed up especially after Mr. West touches down in Paris to lay down the law.

Hopefully Kim is not to shaken up and will be front row and center at all the fashion shows that Fashion Week has to offer.

UPDATE: Kim was reportedly gagged and duck tape was placed over her mouth, while 5 gunmen raided her room for jewelry and other valuables. The men dressed as policemen were let into her room by the concierge who was also held at gun point. Kim has now left Paris and has returned to New York City to be with her husband, Kanye West. She was also spotted without her wedding ring.

Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram (@kimkardashian)

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