Knock, Knock, Who’s there… Kesha!

To be honest, many people have probably forgot that she even existed, but now the world understands why she’s been so under the radar. “Die Young” singer Kesha recently reveled some shocking news that involves abuse, rape and sexual assault. Worst part is the alleged abuse has been going for the same amount of time that world got to know her. Any person with a heart can’t help but be proud of Kesha. It has to be hard to stand against abuse and injustice. It takes guts to share this subject not only with close friends and family, but with the world.

Unfortunately, we live in a male dominated society where double standards are the norm. On a regular people will call a girl a “hoe” for sleeping with multiple guys, but a guy put in the same situation is seen as being a “guy”. Not only that, but often times, if a girl is wearing clothing that is seen as too short, someway somehow she is asking to get raped.

In the allegations made, Kesha is accusing Dr. Luke (her longtime producer) of sexual, mental and physical abuse that has occurred approximately 10 years. As a result, she wants to get out of her contract with Dr. Lukes’ Kemosabe Record Label that is housed under Sony Music Company.  She sued Sony for ultimately taking sides with Dr. Luke and refusing to #FreeKesha. Unfortunately, the judge denied her request stating Kesha is still contractually obligated to work with Dr. Lukes’ Kemosabe. While giving her the option not to work with Dr. Luke directly. Well this is expected to put a Kesha’s music career on hold if not a complete standstill.

On the contrary, many artists have taken sides and expressed their support for Kesha. Taylor Swift donated a whopping $250,000 to send her love and support during this process. Janelle Monae, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and many other artists are showing their support as well. It takes guts to put everything on the line and speak out against sexual abuse.

The question now remains if Kesha is making it all up so that she can get out of her contract? Or is it all about money and the power that these huge Conglomerates and the music industry has? Needless to say, the truth will come out and when it does we hope Kesha is still standing and can get her career back to where it once was.

Written By: Christy H.

Photo Credit: Eva Blue; Flickr

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