Her Music Room Weekly Feature: Lana Taylor

This year we have seen an explosion a female rappers who are letting their positions be known; they are here and are just as good as the males in the game, if not better. For years Hip Hop has been oversaturated by male rappers and only a few female rappers that can be counted on one hand. However, women in the game are turning it up and many are making their own rules within the rap scene. Rapper Lana Taylor is one that is proving she has the perfect ingredients for a successful music career. We recently set down with the Los Angeles native to discuss her entrance into the Hip Hop game.


Her Hip Hop: Hey Lana thank you for taking time to meet with us. For those who may not know you, where are you from and what is your story?

Lana Taylor:  I’m a young woman that grew up in Los Angeles. LA is not as glamorous as everyone makes things out to be. There are a lot of different things that women face in the entertainment industry and just dealing with life, relationships family and I’m just here to tell my story through my music. I want for people to see my growth an artist from what I put out musically.

Her Hip Hop: So you have been doing music for about 6 years now. Do you think you have mastered a signature sound?

Lana Taylor: [My sound is] very organic to who I am , laid-back , vibey and a little aggressive . I like to play around with my cadence but my lyrical content is very true to who I am. I like to tell honest stories about my life that men & women can relate to.


Her Hip Hop: That is real and very important in music especially Hip Hop. Do you have any up coming projects or music coming out?

Lana Taylor: I’m currently finishing up my EP. It’ll be out this fall , still deciding on a title but I’ll know very soon.

Expect more from Lana Taylor soon and check out some tracks including her latest song Waitin below!

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Photo Credit: Lana Taylor’s Instagram
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