Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Zellsway Drops Drippin’ Ft Alexis Skyy [INTERVIEW]

Zell Swag Love & Hip Hop

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s new breakout star, Zellswag definitely keeps us entertained each Monday with his slick mouth and the best clap backs. The stylist recently revealed that he also has some skills in the rapping department and called on fellow cast mate Alexis Skyy for new track Drippin’. It is a not secret that Zell real name LaZell has beef with some of his other cast mates including Mr. Ray and former friend Masika Kalysha.

Rumor has it, Alexis Skyy is pregnant with rapper Fetty Wap’s baby who also has a baby with Masika. Zell sort of confirmed these rumors while also revealing the real reason why he is at odds with Masika and Mr. Ray.

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Photo Credit: @zellswag of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

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