Should You Keep Your New Relationship Private? Mariah Carey Thinks So.

Mariah Carey

Often times we want to share the status of our new relationship with our friends and family. Especially in the era of social media. The question is however, is it a good thing or bad thing to let everyone know who you are involved with? We have all heard the saying “Misery needs company” and while sometimes we are burning to spill the tea or get advice on a situation surrounding our relationship, sometimes it is better to keep it under wraps.

Mariah Carey who has always been pretty public about the man in her life, recently decided to keep the details on her new boo private saying,

I’m just going to be like ‘I really don’t talk about my personal life.’ Because that’s what I used to do and it really worked for a minute, back, a while ago. I just don’t feel comfortable talking about my personal life. Me and my boyfriend don’t want to do that.


Although the couple have since broken up, we understand Carey’s logic. Okay, but why is it so important not to show and tell? It is quite simple when you ask yourself what is the actual point of people knowing your business. Remember, relationships take work, and it might be better to debut it when it is not so new at all. Try to find stability and comfort in your relationship first before exposing it. That seems to have been Mariah’s idea and even though this was not successful, it is something t talk with her moving forward.

Friends and family for that matter do not always give the best advice and also can taint your new romance for before it has a chance to bloom. We have all had at least one experience with that. Trust us, give it time, enjoy each other and when the time is right still keep your business private!

Photo Credit: Mariah Carey’s Instagram (@mariahcarey) & Rihanna.

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