Top Destinations for Memorial Weekend 2016!

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Looking to get away this upcoming Memorial weekend? Well HerHipHop has got you covered with some of the hottest destinations guaranteed for a fun weekend away from the norm. It is kind of fair to say Memorial Weekend helps kick off summer. It is right at the tip of June’s tongue and most importantly, everybody usually gets to start the weekend off early on Friday. This will give you just enough time to jet off to one of our top picks for this weekend!

Las Vegas:

Okay so Vegas is always fun and while quite the twilight zone as the town that NEVER shuts down (literally), every year this is a popular place to come on Memorial Weekend. The infamous pool parties begin to heat up and you can meet people from just about everywhere in the world there. Rehab Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel is usually one of the main attractions for the weekend, which jumps off on Sunday. However, the other hotels have fell in lined and learned a few things about throwing a pool party of heir own. The Marquee at the Cosmopolitan Hotel has a Day and Nightclub which gets pretty lit. And Mandalay Bay which is further off the strip has a pool party day time event called DayLight. But if you’re looking for some nighttime entertainment after you given the s all you got during the day, there’s always Drais which was just turned into a concert hall recently. Performers like Drake, Chris Brown and Future have all had epic sets there. After that you can make your way to Drais after hours party just down the hall. Good thing about Vegas, valet and parking is always free, the sun feels good and the drinking is endless, this weekend will be in the high 90s!


Well if you are looking for a little more rachett in your life, you’ll want to head to Miami. Often times than not Diddy will be down there partying it up with all his celebrities friends. He will make the mood less rachett that is if you are lucky enough to get an invite to his famous all white yacht party. But if not you will be along side all the trapstars on 8th and Ocean. Fountain Blue also has a nice day time pool party and at night Liv is the place to be on Sunday.


Cancun Mexico has been making a name for itself as a top destination this upcoming weekend. The days of it only being for Spring Break has faded away as people from all over have been choosing Cancun over the others. So why is it so popular all of a sudden? Well for starts that beautiful warm topical water, but aside from that the food is bomb! You can also get pretty reasonable priced packages if purchased in advance. Some include travel, hotel, food and drinks all for under $1000. Not too bad huh? In addition, the parties are lit and go well into the next morning!

Los Angeles:

Okay while LA is a little light due to Vegas only being an hour flight and a four hour drive, it is still a great place to spend Memorial Day. Word on the street is a popular rapper is throwing another epic pool party and those lucky enough to be invited will have a ball. Also, the BBQs will be in full effect at just about every park and beach that allows it. The weather is going to be well into the high 70’s so whether you live in LA or just want to come and visit, you’ll def have a great time.

Pack your bags….Memorial Weekend!



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