5 Common Netflix Watcher Types. Which One Are You?


1. Binge Watcher

You are the kind of viewer that can watch the same show for a long period of time, non-stop! When one episode goes off, you are antsy for the next one to start. Nothing wrong with this either. According to Netflix, 61% of surveyed participants said they are binge-watchers.

2. Weekly Watcher

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You are more accustomed to the traditional way of watching shows. Before online streaming existed, you would have to wait until next week to see what would happen on your favorite show! You are the Netflix watcher that likes to take your time and are in no rush to watch them all at once.

3. Here & There Watcher

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You are busy and while you are a Netflix subscriber, you do not watch as often as most. You may turn it on every once and awhile to see what is happening on Game of Thrones. Once it is off, you may not come back for weeks at a time.

4. Re-Watcher


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Similar to the Binge-watcher, once you have seen all the episodes of Orange is the New Black, you watch it again just in case you missed something. After all you won’t get to see new episodes until next season, so why not relive the moments again? Right?

5. Pace Yourself Watcher

Pace Yourself Watcher

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You do not want to watch it all at once and seek plenty of time so you can savor what is on your computer or mobile device. You watch just enough to be satisfied but not to much so you will have some leftover for later.

Now you do not ever have to wonder. The fact of the matter is we all have our favorite way to watch our shows. Happy watching!

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