Her Music Room Weekly Feature: Nued Maj

This week’s Music Room artist comes from an Oklahoma rapper who has deep roots in the music industry. Nued Maj grew up understanding the importance of music. It is fair to say that it runs through his veins, literally. This is apparent in his laid back but high energy rapping sound. We recently set down with Nued Maj to hear more about his journey in the hip hop world.

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Her Hip Hop: How long have you been doing music and what inspired your love for music?                                                                                                                                    Nued Maj: I’m from Tatums, Oklahoma souly [but growing up] I lived back and forth from my Mother’s hometown of Jersey City. I’ve been music orientated my whole life. My mother was signed to a label back in the early 90’s and my aunt was signed to Motown Records. I’ve been seriously equipped around music since like the beginning of high school. I bought my first laptop, started purchasing beats and started to try enginerring my sound.

Her Hip Hop: So how actually would you describe your sound, do your experiences play into what you put into your music?
Nued Maj: My sound, s*** I’m just me, I feel like everyone lives a diffrent life, and I live my own lifestyle. It’s different than what my city is used to. A young rockstar is how I look at it and [I] put that emotion and those many experiences into my craft from the good experiences to the bad. It is still Nued Maj when your listening to it.
Her Hip Hop: Do you have any upcoming projects/music coming out?
Nued Maj: My debut EP dropped back in March 2 Cups. Also, Started is a new project available right now, it is a recently collabortive EP with an artist I work with from home by the name of Fre$h Jay. But upcoming, I am working on some singles to release for this Summer, as well as another project to release this Fall.

To learn more about Nued Maj, check him out on Social Media and listen to some tracks below:

Instagram: NuedMaj
Twitter: UpsetMaj
Soundcloud: NuedMaj
Snapchat: MajMoney
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