Tyler the Creator’s Remixes Zayn Malik’s Pillow Talk

Some combinations sound ridiculous on paper, but when actually realized, create quite the treat. For instance, mango and chili, chicken and waffles, peanut butter and bacon (that’s an actual thing, and it’s delicious), and of course Tyler, The Creator and One Direct—excuse me, Tyler, The Creator and Zayn Malik.


Back in February the rapper known mostly for his outlandish behavior and corky style, created a remix to the Zayn Malik hit single, Pillow Talk. It wasn’t until this month that the track became public. Upon first reading that Tyler, The Creator remixed the track, it was assumed it was going to be a lot like Tyler…outlandish, absurd and ultimately a joke. However what was heard was far from being a joke or outlandish in any way. In fact, Tyler took the track and gave it an entirely new vibe; dare we say he made it better?

Pillow Talk is given a complete production makeover and goes from being a slow, sensual track to an upbeat track with a funk energy that feels almost Neptunes-like. It isn’t over done, and Tyler does a great job of letting the vocals remain at the forefront, even with his chanting “pillow. talk.” repeatedly towards the end.

FullSizeRender 2Since he released the track last week it’s already received over a half million views on Youtube. With the responses being overwhelmingly positive. Who knew that such a remix would not only be welcomed but genuinely admired? Tyler, The Creator is a talented guy, there’s no doubt about it; We hope he continues to make more great remixes soon. If this is what he can do to a Zayn Malik song, one can only imagine the possibilities. We will watching him more closely now.

Click the link to check it out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFLP9XzFrq0


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