Body Shaming: Is There a Such Thing as Appropriate & Inappropriate Clothes for Work?

This discussion comes from a Georgia teacher that went viral after her curvy Instagram pictures came into popular opinion. A lot of people, mostly women were body shaming the young teacher stating that the choice of clothing was unprofessional and had no business in the classroom. Since then, 4th grade teacher Patrice Brown’s job is now rumored to be in jeopardy and people have called for her to cover up. We recently had a chance to look at the young teachers Instagram and have an opinion or two about what we saw.

First of all, Patrice , is clearly a fashionista, even when she is not at work she takes pride in her appearance. We see nothing wrong with that, every woman deserves to express themselves in any way they choose. Patrice just happens to be a woman who takes pride in dressing cute. This is a culture that is often found in many southern states. Women go every where dressed to impress and why not!


Second, curvy women notoriously can turn an average dress or clothing into a head turner. This teacher is curvy, so most likely anything that she puts on will hug her curses. Beside most of the dresses displayed on her instagram were right above the knee and appropriate for work. The only one that was questionable was the one seen plastered all over the internet which shows her in a peach colored dress. Personally for my own comfortability I would have thrown a cardigan over it but that is just me. But that does not call for the grounds of body shaming her.

This also leads us to the question, is there a such thing as work appropriate and inappropriate? I think so, there is definitely a way to dress in a work place that is deemed appropriate. Sometimes I even have to take something off because I am uncomfortable wearing it to work. Something may have gotten to short or does not fit any longer. I think we need to check ourselves before walking out the door. There is a time and a place for every outfit in your closet.

Do I see anything wrong with what the teacher wore, not necessarily. This also does not warrant the body shaming hate that she has received. But the people are saying there are not boundaries of what is professional and unprofessional are not being realistic. I like to use this method as a quick test to see if I should wear something to work or a work related function. Ask yourself, would I wear this on a job interview? If the answer is yes then wear it, if the answer is no then save it for later.


Photo Credit: Patrice Brown’s Instagram

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