XES Revolution by Kamxen’s New Line Provides Clothes That Empowers The Skinny Girls!

Xes Revolution

What do you get when you mix a skinny girl with a nice pair of jeans that actually fit? Well you get XES Revolution by Kamxen! This new line caters to the petite women who often are ignored and sometimes have to resort to desperate measures in order to find clothes that fit. But the wait is over because XES Revolution exclusively provides just what every woman 22 to 29 wants and needs, jeans that fit and look good while doing so.

Xes RevolutionA full line of comfortable jeans including black and distressed blue. XES Revolution also has a line of skirts and cute shirts with catchy phrases. Owner Kamxen said of the line,

Half the time I cannot find pants that fit. My niche is (often) forgotten and my demographic is rare. So if I have the resource to make that happen for myself and others, I am going to do that. It has been fantastic!

Xes RevolutionShe is definitely providing that and more! A self proclaimed natural-born skinny girl herself, women who are born this way often receive as much ridicule as plus size women. Comments “like you need to eat more” or “you didn’t have those kids”, can be a constant norm. However, XES Revolution by Kamxen is here to make women feel confident in their skin and look good in the process.

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